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If you want to become a Certified Process Server, you’ve come to the right place, because The Texas Process Servers Academy is the oldest, most popular, and most academically accurate online continuing education provider in Texas, without exception. It was our program on which the Rules Committee developed the State's original program in 2004, out of which the present system continues to be based.

Our 7-hour online course is THE Curriculum that is required by the Judicial Branch Certification Commission of the Supreme Court of Texas.

There are three units, including Unit 3 which is the Appendices.


PART ONE  (3.5 hrs)

  • What is process service?
  • Who is allowed to serve process? (Rules 103, 108, 116, 176.5, 501.2(a)(f))
  • Where may service of process be performed?
  • When may/must service of process be performed?  
  • Duties of a process server. (Rules 16, 105, 501.3)
  • Manner of service to an individual. (Rules 106, 109, 109a, 501.2(b)(e)(f)     
  • Identification of the person to be served.
  • Manner of service to an entity (corporation, partnership, government, or others).
  • Substituted service on the Secretary of State
  • Service on prison inmate.
  • What documents must be delivered?
  • Service of a subpoena (Rules 176.5, 500.8).
  • Other laws not covered in this manual (Rule 108(a) and a variety of statutes).
  • The Judicial Branch Certification Commission website    



  • What is a return of service?
  • Who must file a return of service?     
  • Where and how must the return of service be filed? 
  • When must a return of service be filed?
  • What must be included in a return of service? Rules 16, 107(b) and 501.3 TRCP.
  • What is required in a return of attempted service?    
  • What is required in an affidavit of attempted service to a motion for substituted service?          
  • Return of service of a subpoena (Rule 176.5 (b).
  • Amended Return of Service (Rule 118). (Not recommended).


APPENDICES   (1.0 hr)

  • Criminal Law
  • Federal Rules 
  • Justice Court Rules    
  • Form Returns


A short quiz is provided at the end of Units 1 and 2, but the quizzes are optional and do NOT count toward your final grade. They are provided for your edification....a) to help you see how well you're retaining the material; b) to let you see how questions and answers will be structured on the Final Exam; and c) to provide some of the actual questions you can expect to see on the Final.

The Final Exam is available after you have completed the Appendices. You must score at least 70% to pass the Final Exam. When you have passed the Final Exam, you will receive a Certificate of Proficiency that you willl submit with your application to become a Certified Process Server.

You can take our training course at your own pace 24-7 from any electronic device that connects to the 'net (PC, Mac, smart-phone, tablet, notebook, etc), and you can log-off and log-on as often as you want to. You will have 90-days (one semester here at the Academy) within which to complete the course. 

We also have a Text-To-Speech program you can use that will READ the course to you. How easy is THAT???

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To become a Certified Process Server, you'll need to do each of the following:
You must....

  • take the 7-hour training course that is the approved curriculum (our course) required by the Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC) of the Texas Supreme Court.;
  • take and pass a Final Exam at the end of the course, after which you will receive a Certificate of Proficiency;
  • go to the JBCC website and fill out the short, online Application, and upload your Certificate of Proficiency;
  • pay a $200 fee to the JBCC when you submit your application (pays for your Certified status @ $100 / year);
  • pay IdenToGo, a private vendor, to take your digital (no ink) fingerprints which will be submitted to the Texas Department of Public Safety. The DPS will conduct a background check and send the results to the JBCC...so SAVE THE RECEIPT, because it will have to be uploaded along with your application;

The Texas Process Servers Academy can help you each step of the way.

Getting started is easy.....

Click this enrollment link and fill out the form to become a student at The Texas Process Servers Academy. Read and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, click Enroll, and then check your email for a confirmation. In that email will be a link.....so click the link and it will bring you back to The Academy where you will select the course entitled Process Server Certification Online, pay the $90 tuition, and prepare to learn in the comfort of your own home or office. It's that easy.

Remember to take notes, because there's a Final Exam at the end of the coures.

That's all there is to it, and tuition is only $90 !!

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