Texas Process Servers Academy




The Process Server Certification program improves the standards for persons authorized to serve process across Texas.


Process Server Certification - General information.


Initial Certification - requirements, fees, and things to send in when you are first making application to become a Certified Process Server.


Renewals - requirements and fees for renewing your Certification through the JBCC.


(from the JBCC website): "NEW certification expiration dates for Process Servers:

"Effective immediately, certifications for process servers will become a 2-year certification instead of the current 3-year certification. Renewal fees will be different. All new certifications issued will likewise be on a 2-year certification cycle. If your certification expired on or 9/1/2017 and you renewed on or after 9/1/2017, the two-year cycle affects you. Those whose certifications were renewed 09/01/17 to present will receive an email from us with any additional information regarding their certifications."


Continuing Education - 12 hours of continuing education must be completed every three years to maintain your certification, and this site tells you what courses are approved, and what you need to do to keep your Certification current.


"Continuing education requirements may change. Updated information will be posted as soon as it is available. We are in the process of updating our rules as well."


Forms - Forms that are required when submitting an application for new or renewing certification, and for submitting information to the JBCC.


Statutes and Rules that Process Servers need to know, primarily concerning certification, re-certification, and the JBCC.


FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions on the JBCC website.