Texas Process Servers Academy




…add the CDC's safe practices to your routine:

  1. In your car, carry a face mask and a small re-fillable bottle of sanitizer.
  2. Wear clothing that makes you look non-threatening and professional.
  3. Before you get out of the car, consider taking a photograph or video of the place of service for documentation purposes (consider a small body-cam to document all service of process)
  4. Fill out the Officer’s Return and the recipient’s copy of the papers to be served before you get out of the car, except for the date and time

  • Knock on the door, then step back a safe distance of 7’-8' or more.
  • Smile in case someone is watching.
  • Smile when someone responds and comes to the door.
  • Courteously ask and confirm the subject's identity from that safe distance of 7’-8’
  • Once the person's identity is confirmed, put on your mask.
  • Fill in the date and time of service.
  • Walk closer to the subject as you
  • use whatever words or phrases you normally would use to
  • courteously inform them that they have been served with legal documents, then
  • lay the papers on the ground so the subject can retrieve them.
  • Thank the subject and
  • walk away.


When you return to your car:

  1. Fill out the Officer’s Return with the date and time of service.
  2. Photograph or Video the place of service for documentation purposes.
  3. Remove the mask and place it back in the plastic bag you carry it in, or hang it up
  4. Dispose of the mask at the end of every day if you wear it all day, or every 2-3 days if you wear it only occasionally.
  5. Use sanitizer to wipe your hands…but DON’T substitute hand sanitizer for handwashing with soap and water.


Wash your hands for 20seconds when you get a chance to do so (whether you’ve touched anything or not, simply as a safety precaution).

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